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Alexa skills that show you care.

At Z55-Studios, we aim to create Alexa skills that make your life and the lives of your loved ones better, a little bit at a time.

Available Alexa Skills:

The skills listed below are available for your use with your Amazon Echo.  If you have suggestions or comments, please reach out to us.  We appreciate all feedback.

My Life Story:

My Life Story is dedicated to those we love who are suffering from Alzheimer's. We hope to help you by providing a way to remind them of how amazing their life is. A caregiver, or family member would setup this skill by answering questions about your loved ones life.  These answers along with custom memories entered via this site will be read back to our user, reminding them of the most important things about themselves.

You are Loved:

"You are Loved" is still in production.  This skill will allow parents to interact with their children while they are not actually available to do so in person.  Check back often for more details.